Digital Gut™

Your Digital Gut is a map of your gut microbiome. It shows two layers of information:

In short, the visualization shows abundance i.e. how much is there of an organism, and taxonomy i.e. how related is this organims to others.

Visualization of your Digital Gut on January 14, 2022

Beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria

Not detected Negative
Not detected
12 out of 24
Beneficial bacteria
within or above reference range
15 out of 18
Non-beneficial bacteria
within or below reference range

Harmful microbes

Positive (not detected)
4 out of 14
Harmful bacteria
identified in your sample from our shortlist


This visualisation of richness shows a circle for each gut microbe.

  • Black circles: Show the individual species present in your gut.
  • Gray circles: Show all species that we know could exist in the human gut but undetected in your gut.
  • Species are sorted alphabetically.

Note: Low microbiome richness is considered to be less resilient than microbiome communities with high richness.

Visualization of the species in your gut compared to known gut species

1,250 unique species

Lower than average

Healthy Danes have an average of 1,319 species with a range between 860 and 1,809 species.